meet the maker

High Tees

Welcome to High Tees. We create fun, Australiana and politically punchy tees and accessories that generate funds to support the causes we deeply care about.

I came back from maternity leave in January 2018 and started working on my business consultancy, Agents of Innovation. As part of getting back into work, I created a faux business to practice using all my business tools. This faux business was a basic t-shirt company. The more I researched, the more I planned and crunched the numbers the more the business looked like an exciting prospect. The big thing was - how to make the t -shirts original, unique, sustainable and high quality.

Why do I focus on Australian Icons? Having done my research into what was available in the market, I recognised that there was a gap in the market for this type of t shirt. I believe there are many iconic and heroic Australians and Kiwis that have been slightly lost to time and I wanted to find a way to bring them back and highlight the contribution they have made to shaping our culture. The portraits are celebrations of who the people are and what they stand for. In the era of Slogan Tees and where people wants to wear a statement, I wanted to do something different. It still gives the wearer a chance to make a statement. Clearly if you wear Julian Burnside or Geoffrey Robertson, you are saying to the world that you stand for human rights and equality. Similarly if you wear Germaine Greer, you are showing the world you support feminism.