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Erica Zulian Jewellery


Erica was 35 and when she decided she needed to tap into her true nature, a creative. But she had no idea how, what, where, all that.

So she quit her job and became a photographer, a means to create more flexibility and get those creative juices flowing.
She started looking into making a natural perfume (something for people who get headaches from conventional perfumes - like herself) and even took classes but after discovering she sadly didnt have a perfumer's nose that got shelved. So she moved on to a long-time passion of her - clothing. Her idea was to turn something that already exists using animals into something vegan and also thought about adding crystals to the garments as a little extra feature. She knew that whatever she did had to be centered around a set of firm ethical guidelines and had to have a purpose or meaning behind it.

Then just as ah-ha moments happen, almost out of thin air she decided to look at creating her own jewellery. She had always wanted to do it but thought being a silversmith was beyond her capabilities. But she took classes, her family all contributed to setting her up with tools and just like that, she had my own workshop!
She decided to keep the crystal idea so the jewellery has a purpose. The crystals can be used to inspire positive thoughts while you wear them as each crystal has a meaning.

In her collection you will see four chosen crystals and their main attributes are:
💕Rose Quartz: Unconditional love & peace
💙Aquamarine: Calmness & tranquillity
💛Citrine: Happiness & success
💚Aventurine: Emotional balance & luck

Whether you believe crystals have power or not, or just think they are pretty to look at, Erica likes to think they can be used as a reminder tool for yourself if you need a boost throughout the day!

While she was dreaming up her range, Erica wondered if it could exist while sticking to her ethical beliefs and discovered precious metals can be recycled!
She felt better knowing she was creating something people could wear forever plus was coming from something already in existence.

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