Inspired by a story that was shared with me by my loved one who was undergoing cancer treatment at that time. She told me she drew a lot of strength from her support group, a group of women who were also fighting cancer themselves. It just made her feel less alone in her struggles.

This artwork is a celebration of all these amazing women who despite all their pain and suffering, still choose to show up everyday to fight for their lives and support each other, refusing to be brought down by their disease.

They say “Not Today” and march on to face another day.

Our Together We Dance scarf, made in collaboration with Lay Hoon from Arty Guava is part of our designer range for scarf lovers and cancer haters.


  • 100 x 200 cm.
  • Super soft and luxurious silk modal fabric.
  • Breathable - perfect for hot flushes. 🥵
  • Includes a 'How to Turban' guide teaching you my fave turban tie
  • $2 from every scarf is donated to Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation