The Slow Stitch

Since 2017, Juz Savage has embraced a slow and conscious lifestyle. Having once been a consumer of mass proportions, these days she practices a less is more philosophy.

Juz learnt to sew her own clothing because she couldn’t find sustainable, Australian-made, plus size options that made her heart happy. Her new hobby has given her an appreciation for the time it takes to create clothes worth wearing, and the amount of fabric waste that is being created by the fashion industry. With that on her mind, she decided to sew some reusable face wipes for friends.
And so it began!

Guided by the goal of creating a small environmental footprint, she is always conscious of what she is putting out into the world, and chooses to use remnants, Australian designs, and vintage soft furnishings that need a new life.

Juz makes everything in small batches from her home base on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.