Walk with purpose.

Now that we have Free(d) The Flag we are so pumped to be using elements of the flag in our designs. These ones are CTG specials, it's pretty much our logo on a sock!

These socks are Ethical Clothing Australia accredited and knitted on Wurundjeri Country in Brunswick just around the corner from our shop so that your footprint leaves a lighter footprint.

Clothing The Gaps is Ethical Clothing Australia accredited.
These socks are ethically knitted on Wurundjeri Country in Brunswick.

100% cotton

This product is Ally Friendly.
Ally friendly merch is for everyone.

When we see non-Indigenous people wearing our designs, we feel proud that they are repping our merch and culture.

When we see Aboriginal designs in the world, it means Indigenous people are not invisible in the landscape.

But, purchasing from Aboriginal brands, businesses and wearing Indigenous designs alone is surface-level allyship. There needs to be more commitment than just buying from Aboriginal brands and businesses.

Wearing Aboriginal design is not dismantling a system that oppresses Indigenous people. Allies need to do more and learn more. Wearing our tees is a great starting point. We have equipped you with our merch and some of the educational content to go with them. We want you to go out in the world, have these important conversations and find ways to do more and support more.