This wily llama has been handcrafted in .925 sterling silver, they are about 24mm tall and 12mm at their widest. They have a fetching saddle detail which has been oxidised to highlight it. Llama has been polished to a very smooth, soft matte finish.
The exact positions of the features may vary from piece to piece as each llama is made by by hand - no machines or templates so please bear that in mind if you're purchasing (they will all be super cute though, I promise!).
A 45cm fine sterling silver chain has been included.
All pendants are are individually handcrafted. You may find little variations, dents, markings, or textures on your piece, this does not mean it is of inferior quality or damaged, they are just little tell-tale signs they are not machine made or mass-produced.

Measurements (approximate):
- H: 24mm
- W: 12mm
Chain length:
- 45cm