We all have our weird quirks, and the one thing that I love about cats is that they're completely comfortable with their own weirdness. Cats don't care what you think about them, they just do their own thing, and it's always adorable. It's just how they roll. This cat is here to help you get through your day with a little more confidence, farting out your doubt.😁 🌈Suncatcher decal is a window cling that creates a rainbow when the direct sun shines through it. It is static that can easily be repositioned without leaving a glue residue. Stick this suncatcher to a window that gets direct sunlight and it will transform your space vibrant instantly! ❤ Size: 10x15cm 🧡 Removable - Reposition as much as you need 💛 Easy application 💚 A quick guide will come with your order 💙 Handmade & designed by MJ(@hhumanmj) 1️⃣ Clean the surface of the window 2️⃣ Choose a spot that gets lots of direct sunshine 3️⃣ Mist the window with water using a spray or a rag 4️⃣ Apply the suncatcher decal onto the misted window 5️⃣ Wipe away any excess water surrounding the decal The intensity of the rainbow and colours will depend on the size of the decal, the time of the day/year, and the weather. For longevity, put the decal on the inside of your house or car. Works best on east and west-facing windows. The more suncatchers you have, the more rainbows you’ll see.