This sad sun ring is made from 100% recycled sterling silver. A rustic, roundish, pebblish disc has had a frowning sun face hammered into it with triangular shaped sunbeams.

The features have been oxidised to stand out, the band is a soft shine and the face of the sun is a very smooth lightly matte surface.

The exact positions of the rays and face features will vary from piece to piece as they are each made by hand - no machines or templates so please bear that in mind if you're purchasing (they will all be super cute though, I promise!).

The pebble disk itself is made from melted down silver and hammered out flat so you may see little textures around them, not flaws, just the nature of my process.

The sun measures about 15mm in diameter and the band is adjustable; starting at a size N, the band is firm and strong but can be gently extended to about an P or the ends can pressed in or overlapped slightly to about an M.

- 15mm diameter

- Adjustable M to P