What do you make? Tell us a bit about your creative process.

I make everyday reusables designed to replace single use products. Face-wipes are my most popular product. These are made from scrap & vintage fabrics plus fabrics designed by Australian women. 

What do you want people to feel when they experience your work?

I want people to be excited to buy and use eco friendly products. Perhaps people who hadn’t thought about ditching single use will consider it due to the colourful designs I use. To pick up a pack of face-wipes that they connect with; be it the colours, or the patterns, if they have that attachment to the wipes then they’re more likely to care for and in turn get the most use out of it.  I want them to want to mend them after many many many uses and when they can’t be mended any more to toss them in the compost. 

How do your ideas about feminism influence your art?

I choose fabrics designed by women, from suppliers owned by women. 

An ethical and transparent supply chain is extremely important when buying fabrics from any supplier. 

What benefits do you see in being a woman in the creative community?

Support & encouragement. Creative women make the best cheerleaders. We all experience similar highs and lows. So it’s nice to just chat to other creatives and know you're not alone. 

Who are some of the women in your life that inspire or influence you the most?

I have a small local posse of women that I met when I worked in a really sweet local gift shop. We keep in touch and they’re  all super creative, encouraging and kind. They’ve been a huge influence and make the best coffee dates. These ladies inspire me daily and even if I don’t believe in me at times, they always do. 

What do you love most about the festive season?

Chaotically decorated Christmas trees and my nieces. The festive season was my mum’s favourite time of the year. She went overboard with everything so it really felt like a magical time of the year. We were lucky to experience the festive season with her every year but we lost her several years ago so the festive season has been a bit meh until maybe last year. This is the first year in a long time I've been excited to put my tree up. My ornaments are a mis-match of sentimental and locally made, there’s no theme colour or otherwise. But without a doubt my nieces have put the joy back into it for me. 

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December 02, 2021 — Marianne Duval