meet the maker

Laura Morellon

Step into a Whimsical World of Hybrid Illustrations

Laura is a French illustrator and art director who has been calling Australia "home" since 2019.

After living in Central Australia for a while, she recently settled in Melbourne at the start of 2022, drawn to the city's vibrant energy and artistic community.

Laura specializes in creating whimsical, fairytale-like compositions through pencil drawing and digital art. Her inspirations stem from natural elements, fictional universes, primitive cultures, and mythologies, resulting in unique hybrid illustrations that creatively blend these elements into new forms.

As a female artist, Laura is particularly passionate about drawing empowered women figures. She finds inspiration in their strength, resilience, and ability to overcome adversity, and she seeks to represent these qualities in her work. Through her illustrations, she aims to celebrate the diversity and beauty of women, and to empower others to embrace their own inner strength.

In addition to her still images, Laura also creates animations and mini movies. Recently, she has developed a strong interest in animation and is eager to explore the possibilities of telling meaningful stories through this medium.

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