Rediscover the alphabet with Deck of Diversity and explore how each letter relates to diversity and inclusion with your child or student. 

These flashcards are designed to be fun with diverse illustrations that will engage your child and spark curiosity.

Use them to talk about the importance of diversity and the beauty of self love.

Create meaningful conversations and inspire young children learn how to read.

Each card has a letter of the alphabet with a word that starts with that letter and a beautiful illustration associated with that word.

On the back of the card you will see an explanation.

As a bonus, some cards have questions to get your little ones thinking deeper.

There are two uplifting affirmation cards in the deck to keep your little ones motivated on self love and kindness for others.


> The 700gsm glossy finish cardboard, double-sided printed cards come in a durable box with a magnetic easy access flap to open and a blue ribbon to remove the cards from the box with ease.

> The cards are large in size ( A5) and can be used in the traditional flash card style or as wall hangings for around the classroom or home.

To see change in the world, we must start with ourselves and those closest to us.

Shuffle the deck of diversity and learn something new about yourself and others!