Davidson Plum and Murray River Salt. Think sweet, yet a little salty in a bright red colour. This artwork is In collaboration with Indigenous artist and proud Wiradjuri woman, Janelle McQueen.

This painting represents the community as they travel out to do the harvest. Because it is a bush harvest it is seasonal and there are factors you can not control. The way the harvest goes traditionally would affect the size of the community. The bottom three layers of the painting shows the community as it grows as part of them doing the harvest. The blue lines are travelling tracks showing the people travelling out to the different locations. The circles represent a meeting place and people coming together. The U shape is a man and the U shape with 2 dipping sticks is a female. The four different circles and meeting places show different community groups as they travel out to do the bush harvest. The pink lines show water which is the rain fall and the flow it goes through because without the rain we don’t have the fruit and we don’t have the community. Green circles represent the desert limes. White represents the white chocolate and the flavour you get from the chocolate bars. I have also represented the edible flowers in this painting and gold which represents wealth. It does not necessarily mean money, but can mean family and lifestyle and joy. This painting is all about the cycle of life.


Cacao beans, raw organic cane sugar, Davidson Plum, Murray River salt.

size: 70g