Limited edition of 10 per size, signed and numbered at the back Fine art print - High-quality Giclee process Printed on thick quality paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gsm

Trikonasana & Cyclops

Those giant one-eyed creatures are often associated with dreadful stories like in the Odyssey but they are much more than that. They see through the third eye, symbol of inner spiritual vision. And indeed they are visionary creatures. Cyclops are said to be the first inhabitants of Sicily. They seem to love volcanic areas and were the designers of Zeus’ thunderbolt⚡️They work with iron, bronze and stone. They are the builders of the Cyclopean walls if you believe the Mediterranean legends. They are craftsmen, designers, masons, builders so I bet they know their trigonometry! Thus, the link between Trikonasana and the figure of the Cyclops came naturally to me as this pose is all about triangles. How many triangles can you see in this asana? There are heaps of alignments to work on but remember that every human body has its own beautiful and unique architecture. Try and you will See. 

NB: Odin in Norse mythology was also depicted as a Cyclop, symbol of the astronomic knowledge that helps men to navigate by night. And today we use a new kind of Cyclops: a lighthouse.