Limited edition of 10 per size, signed and numbered at the back Fine art print - High-quality Giclée process Printed on thick quality paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gsm
With the end of the battle, here comes the third impression of the warrior Virabhadra. At the beginning of the story, Shiva's anger gave birth to Virabhadra the warrior and to BhadrakaÃÑliÃÑ the fortunate Goddess representing the primordial Shakti energy. Flying with grace like an arrow, she will strike one last time. From heel to fingertips, the line of energy will wreck any obstacle and clear the space. The female warrior is quiet and confident. Her balance and focus are outstanding. She is Accomplishment. When the motivation comes from a fair cause, victory and peace follow. In India, Gods are often depicted with male and female features. You might have noticed some feminine representation of Shiva in paintings. Yes, Shiva was beyond feminism, he was male, female and none. Because they are accomplished and transcend the duality of this material world, Indian Gods represent perfect unity. Unity has no gender and they can change gender, be half male and female, or give birth to female and male avatars randomly. They are beyond gender distinctions. This is why I chose a female warrior for the last move of mercy. This gender switch is also found in Greek mythology. Like Virabhadra and BhadrakaÃÑliÃÑ born from Shiva's anger, the Goddess Athena was born from Zeus' headache. Both are men giving birth. And both children are Revenge and War, fighting for justice and equality. ‚Ä®
This warrior III also reminds us that bravery and determination are not reserved for men. Indeed, women are often chosen to represent the strongest warriors. One of the most famous warriors of history was probably the myth of the Amazons that took place in ancient Greece. Their reputation stayed alive for centuries and crossed continents. Until today, they are still regarded as one of the most dangerous, determined and fearless warriors of all time. Thus, this beautiful Amazon warrior is bringing balance and closure to the Virabhadrasana serie. In a world of unity, gender doesn't matter anymore, we are only human beings, all different and all the same. Shiva & Shakti. Gender freedom and equality for all.