Do you enjoy your personal space? Well these are the earrings for you. If someone is close enough to read them... they may just be a little TOO CLOSE.

These studs have been handcrafted entirely from sterling .925 silver and have sterling posts soldered securely on the back.

The shape is roundish measuring about 20 in diameter. The raised text is achieved by running a small paper cut out of the text with the piece of silver through my antique rolling mill which leaves relatively smooth shiny text on top of a textured background. The background texture is then oxidised and the earrings polished to a smooth, soft matte finish - leaving behind a bit of dark oxidisation to highlight the text.

Each earring is individually crafted therefore the text positions and textures may be slightly different and unique to the exact position and textures of these pictures.
All earrings are individually handcrafted. You may find little variations, dents, markings, or textures on your piece, this does not mean it is of inferior quality or damaged, they are just little tell-tale signs they are not machine made or mass-produced.

Measurements (approximate):
- Diameter: 20mm
- Post length: 9mm